car wrecks

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Car Wrecks

Car collisions, also known as automobile accidents, motor vehicle accidents, or car wrecks, seem like inevitable incidents on the roads. Most of these accidents occur due to careless driving. Though there are traffic laws implemented in .

He was hit so hard from behind that my car (he was driving my car) hit the car in front of him--so now the front and the back of my car are both banged up. Thank God my husband was not hurt, but now it is a flurry of insurance and .

SPOKANE, Wash.- Police say that a man was drunk when he crashed into the median on I-90 Friday morning around 2 am at the Altamont Exit.

Buy Marco Hofschneider movies on DVD now and save up to. All you ever wanted to know about GERMANY. Barack Obama addresses the crowd at a campaign stop Saturday in Independence. Faltering effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions got. .

A few, probably used as car bombs, are little more than mangled sheets of metal. Traces of orange and white -- the distinctive color of Baghdad taxis -- are the only recognizable feature in one pile of scrap. .

A police chase on Saturday evening in Wilkes ended in a patrol car wreck. While few details have been released, North Wilkesboro Police say a patrol car attempted to stop a Suzuki under suspicion of drunken driving- when it sped away. .

As if a bunch of crashed cars wasn't bad enough, some of them erupted into fiery wrecks.

Then on the way home there was a 6, count the bodies, 6 car pile up. Traffic was so bad they just brought the ambulances in from the other side of the highway. Was so glad when I finally bailed off the highway. When surface streets are .

So, the usual arguement arises about how I'm the only 17 year old whose parents still pick them up & who isn't allowed in ANYONE's car. & Dad asks what I want him to do about it. &I reply that I'd like to be able to ride with my .

There are no sides to the roads meaning that your taxi driver will fit his car anywhere he can. The horn is in almost constant use and I am absolutely astonished that I haven't even seen a wreck yet. It makes me wonder how we have so .